Annette Peacock - Sky-Skating
    1. Take Your Shoes Off (Annette Peacock)
    2. Taking It As It Comes (Annette Peacock)
    3. Sky-Skating (Annette Peacock)
    4. Rap With The Trees (Annette Peacock)
    5. Until Untrust Unties (Annette Peacock)
    6. Trust (Annette Peacock)
    7. The Outness Queens Travelling (sic) Theme (Annette Peacock)
    8. So Close Is Still Too Far (Annette Peacock)
    9. Nothing Outside Us (Annette Peacock)
    10. Still Too Far (Annette Peacock)
    11. Warmer Than Gold (Annette Peacock)
    12. Pride (Annette Peacock)


    Annette Peacock: Vocals, acoustic pianos, synths, electric keyboards, drum machines and percussion, arrangements

    Production Credits:

    Annette Peacock: Production, Illustrations

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words