Annette Peacock - The Perfect Release
    1. Love's Out to Lunch (Annette Peacock)
    2. Solar Systems (Annette Peacock)
    3. American Sport (Annette Peacock)
    4. A Loss of Consciousness (Annette Peacock)
    5. Rubber Hunger (Annette Peacock)
    6. The Succubus (Annette Peacock)
    7. Survival (Annette Peacock)


    Annette Peacock: Vocals
    Lennox Langton: steel drums and percussion
    Richard Bailey: Sonor Drums
    John McKenzie: Bass
    Max Middleton: Keyboards
    Darryl Lee Que: Percussion
    Robert Ahwai: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Annette Peacock: Producer
    John Rollo: Engineer
    Dennis Weinreich:  Engineer
    Aaron Sixx: Executive Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words