Annette Peacock - X-dreams
    1. My Mama Never Taught Me How to Cook (Annette Peacock)
    2. Real & Defined Androgens (Annette Peacock)
    3. Dear Bela (Annette Peacock)
    4. This Feel Within (Annette Peacock)
    5. Too Much in the Skies (Annette Peacock)
    6. Don't Be Cruel (Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)
    7. Questions (Annette Peacock)


    Bill Bruford: Drums
    Pete Lemer:  Keyboards
    Annette Peacock: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals
    Chris Spedding: Guitar
    Mick Ronson: Guitar
    Brother James: Percussion, Conga
    Dave Chambers: Horn, Saxophone
    Jeff Clyne:  Bass
    Steve Cook:  Bass
    Tom Cosgrove: Guitar
    Brian Godding: Guitar
    John Halsey: Drums
    Kuma Harada: Bass
    John Hasley: Drums
    George Khan: Saxophone
    Phil Lee:  Guitar
    Darryl Leque: Percussion
    Rick Marotta: Drums
    Jim Mullen:  Guitar
    Peter Pavli: Bass
    Darryl Lee Que: Conga
    Dave Sheen:  Drums
    Ray Warleigh: Saxophone
    Stu Woods:  Bass

    Production Credits:

    Annette Peacock: Producer
    Bob Carlos Clarke: Photography
    Aaron Sixx:  Executive Producer
    Andrew Pearce: Assistant Engineer
    Fraser Massey: Liner Notes

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words