Tom Pacheco - Eagle In The Rain
    1. Robert and Ramona (Tom Pacheco) - 4:28
    2. She Always Thought He;D Come Back (Tom Pacheco) - 3:27
    3. Made in America (Tom Pacheco) - 4:18
    4. All Because of You (Tom Pacheco) - 3:13
    5. The Last Blue Whale in the Ocean (Tom Pacheco) - 3:42
    6. You Will Not Be Forgotten (Tom Pacheco) - 4:24
    7. Midnight at the Hot Club (Tom Pacheco) - 6:38
    8. Jesus in a Leather Jacket (Tom Pacheco) - 3:41
    9. All I Can Look at Is You (Tom Pacheco) - 3:25
    10. Donna Marie (Tom Pacheco) - 5:23
    11. Just a Little Bullet (Tom Pacheco) - 3:12


    Arty McGlynn: electric guitar, acoustic lead guitar, 12-string guitar, steel guitar, mandolin
    Peter O'Hanlon: harmonica, electric guitar
    James Blennerhasset: bass
    Brendan McFarrity: drums
    Rod McVey: keyboards
    Nollaig Casey: fiddle
    Dave Early: percussion
    Neil Martin: cello, uillean pipes
    Leon McCruen: backing vocals
    Eric Woods: backing vocals
    Collet O'Hanlon: backing vocals
    Maura Donaghy: backing vocals
    Tom Pacheco: lead vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar

    Production Credits:

    Arty McGlynn: Producer, Mixing
    Willie Mannion: Assistant Engineer, Mixing
    Amelia Stein: Design, Photography
    Sean Wallace: Engineer, Mixing

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words