Bruce Palmer - The Cycle Is Complete
    1. Alpha-Omega-Apocalypse (Bruce Palmer) - 16:41
    2. Interlude (Bruce Palmer) - 1:57
    3. Oxo (Bruce Palmer) - 7:07
    4. Calm Before the Storm (Bruce Palmer) - 9:55


    Rick James: Percussion, Vocals
    Bruce Palmer: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Bass (Electric), Guitar (Electric)
    Big Black: Conductor
    Richard Aplanalp: Wind
    Fenrus Epp: Violin
    Jeff Kaplan: Keyboards
    Paul Lagos: Drums
    Edward Roth: Keyboards
    Rick Matthews: Percussion, Vocals
    Ed Roth: Organ

    Production Credits:

    Bruce Palmer: Producer
    David Hassinger: Engineer
    Don Hall: Producer
    Wayne Kimbell: Design
    Richie Unterberger: Liner Notes
    Gordon Anderson: Executive Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words