Tom Pacheco - Sunflowers And Scarecrowns
    1. Hippy On The Highway (Tom Pacheco)
    2. All They Got Is Love (Tom Pacheco)
    3. Strange Gods (Tom Pacheco)
    4. I Was Meant To Pass Through Your Life (Tom Pacheco)
    5. If Only Someone Said (Tom Pacheco)
    6. Midnite Waters Of The Rio Grande (Tom Pacheco)
    7. Swan With A Broken Wing (Tom Pacheco)
    8. Merchant Of Death (Tom Pacheco)
    9. Van Gogh (Tom Pacheco)
    10. Lost Soul In The Middle Of Nowhere (Tom Pacheco)
    11. Sweet Lucille (Tom Pacheco)
    12. Drifting Like A Flower Down The River (Tom Pacheco)
    13. Rock 'N' Roll Roulette (Tom Pacheco)
    14. If That's The Way You Want It (Tom Pacheco)
    15. Is That You (Tom Pacheco)


    Nigel Jenkins: guitars, backing vocals
    Andy Pask: bass
    Brett Morgan: drums
    Dave Hartley: piano
    Mel Collins: saxophone
    Lee Goodwin: mandolin
    Flaco Jimenez: accordion
    Danny Saxon: keyboards
    Cozy Dixon: tambourine
    Bob Loveday: fiddle
    Ellie Hope: backing vocals
    Leif Kahal: backing vocals
    Mary McLaughlin: backing vocals
    Tom Pacheco: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

    Production Credits:

    Kenny Denton: Producer,  Mixing
    Tony Douch: Engineer
    Brendan Fitzpatrick: Photography 

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words