Mike Oldfield - Boxed
    1) Tubular Bells
    1. Tubular Bells Part One (Mike Oldfield) - 25:55
    2. Tubular Bells Part Two (Mike Oldfield) - 25:47
    2) Hergest Ridge
    1. Hergest Ridge Part One (Mike Oldfield) - 21:24
    2. Hergest Ridge Part Two (Mike Oldfield) - 18:46
    3) Ommadawn
    1. Ommadawn Part One (Mike Oldfield) - 20:06
    2. Ommadawn Part Two (Mike Oldfield) - 17:22
    4) Collaborations
    1. Phaeacian Games (David Bedford) - 3:59
    2. Extract from Star's End" (Featuring David Bedford, Chris Cutler and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) (David Bedford) - 7:33
    3. The Rio Grande (Traditional, arrangement by David Bedford) - 6:34
    4. First Excursion (Mike Oldfield, David Bedford) - 5:57
    5. Argiers (Traditional, arrangement by Mike Oldfield) - 3:59
    6. Portsmouth (Featuring Leslie Penning) (Traditional, arrangement by Mike Oldfield) - 2:04
    7. In Dulci Jubilo (Featuring Leslie Penning and William Murray) (Traditional, arrangement by Mike Oldfield) - 2:51
    8. Speak Tho' You Only Say Farewell (Featuring Bedford) (Ray Morello, Horatio Nicholls) - 2:56


    Mike Oldfield: Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, Farfisa, Hammond, and Lowrey organs; flageolet, fuzz guitars, glockenspiel, "honky tonk" piano, mandolin, piano, percussion, "taped motor drive amplifier organ chord", timpani, vocals, tubular bells, Manor Choir
    Steve Broughton: Percussion
    Lindsay L. Cooper: String bass
    Mundy Ellis: Vocals
    Jon Field: Flutes
    Sally Oldfield: Vocals, Manor Choir
    Vivian Stanshall: Master of Ceremonies
    Tom Newman: Manor Choir

    Mike Oldfield: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitars; Farfisa, Gemini, and Lowrey organs; glockenspiel, gong, mandolin, nutcracker, sleigh bells, Spanish guitar, timpani, tubular bells
    Chilli Charles: snare drum
    Lindsay Cooper: oboe
    Ted Hobart: trumpet
    William Murray: cymbal
    Sally Oldfield: vocals
    Terry Oldfield: woodwinds
    Clodagh Simonds: vocals
    June Whiting: oboe
    London Sinfonietta Voices: choir (according to David Bedford)
    David Bedford: String players conductionzbr>

    Mike Oldfield: acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, steel guitar, twelve-string guitar, acoustic bass, electric bass, banjo, bouzouki, bodhrán, electronic organs, glockenspiel, harp, mandolin, percussion, tubular bells, piano, spinet, synthesisers, vocals
    Herbie: Northumbrian bagpipes
    Don Blakeson: trumpet
    The Hereford City Band: brass
    Leslie Penning: conductor
    Jabula (Julian Bahula, Ernest Mothle, Lucky Ranku, Eddie Tatane): African drums
    Pierre Moerlen: timpani
    Paddy Moloney: uilleann pipes
    William Murray: percussion
    Sally Oldfield: vocals
    Terry Oldfield: Panpipes
    Leslie Penning: recorders
    "The Penrhos Kids" (Abigail, Briony, Ivan and Jason Griffiths): vocals on "On Horseback"
    Clodagh Simonds: vocals
    Bridget St John: vocals
    David Strange: cello

    Martin Adam: Engineer
    Mike Oldfield: Guitar, Bass Guitar. Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin, Synthesizer [String], Drums [Kettle], Percussion [Bodhran], Other [Feet]. vocals
    David Bedford: Synthesizer [Arp, String], Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Vocals
    Vernon Handley: Conductor
    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: Orchestra
    Chris Cutler: Percussion
    Classes 2 And 3, Queen's College, London: Organ
    William Murray: Snare drums

    Production Credits:

    Trevor Key: artwork
    Mike Oldfield: Producer
    Simon Heyworth: Producer, Recording, Engineer, Master
    Tom Newman: Producer, Recording, Engineer

    Tom Newman: Assistance Producer, Assistance Engineer
    Mike Oldfield: Remix, Producer, Engineer

    Mike Oldfield: Remix
    Phil Newell: Remix

    Phil Newell: Remix
    Peter Jenner: Producer
    David Bedford: Engineer, Producer
    Paul Lindsay: Engineer
    Leslie Penning: Recorder


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