Maura O'Connell - Western Highway
    1. Trouble in the Fields (Nanci Griffith/Rick West)
    2. Cast a Long Shadow (Henry Hipkins)
    3. Summerfly (Cheryl Wheeler)
    4. Bed for the Night(Charlie McGettogan)
    5. Isn't It Alway Love (Karla Bonoff)
    6. Helpless Heart (Paul Brady)
    7. Can't Stop the Girl (Linda Thompson, Betsy Cook)
    8. Just Like the Blues (Roger Brown)
    9. Only a Fool (Karla Bonoff, )
    10. Western Highway (Gerry O'Beirne)
    11. You'll Never Know (Gordon Warren)


    Bela Fleck: Guitar, Banjo, Gut String Guitar
    Mark O'Connor: Bass, Guitar
    Bob Mater: Drums, Percussion
    Stuart Duncan: Fiddle
    Grey Larson: Concertina, Alto Flutes
    Tim O'Brien: Backing Vocals
    Tim Roady: Percussion
    John Jarvis: Piano
    John Cowan: Backing Vocals
    Jonel Mosser: Backing Vocals
    Jerry Douglas: Dobro, Backing Vocals
    Sam Bush: Mandolin, Low Fiddle
    Kathy Chiavola: Backing Vocals
    Russ Barenberg: Guitars, High String Guitar
    Rusty Young: Pedal Steel
    Grey Larson: Flute
    Timothy Britton: Uilleand Pipes
    Edgar Meyer: Keyboards, Arco Bass
    Nanci Griffith: Backing Vocals
    Maura O'Connell: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Bela Fleck: Producer
    Bil Vorn Dick: Engineer
    Danny Purcell: Master
    Todd Sholar: Assistant Engineer
    Maurice Cassidy: Executuve Producer
    Elizabeth Reeves: Co-Ordinator
    Steve Averill: Sleeve Design
    Jim Maguire: Photography


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words