Maura O'Connell - Maura O'Connell
    1. Living In These Troubled Times (Philip Donnelly, Roger Cook, Sam Hogin) - 3:20
    2. God Only Knows (Carmen Mercedes, Sara Lovell) - 4:20
    3. Send This Whisper (To Avalon) (Janie Cribbs, Thom Moore) - 3:39
    4. Lovers At Last (Rick Cunha, Thom Moore - 3:53
    5. Till The Right One Comes Along (Charles Cochran, Roger Cook) - 4:31
    6. I Don't Know How You Do It (Charlie McGettigan) - 3:16
    7. Saw You Running (Thom Moore) - 3:32
    8. All Of Me (Gerald Marks, Seymour Simons) - 4:21
    9. Love Is On A Roll (John Prine, Roger Cook) - 3:24
    10. Spend The Night With You (David Waddell, Lealand Waddell, Philip Donnelly) - 4:28
    11. My Lagan Love (Traditional, Joseph Campbell, Arranged by Maura O'Connell, P.J. Curtis) - 4.05


    Jimmy Faulkner: Acoustic Guitar
    Jimmy Gibson: Acoustic Guitar
    Mike Hanrahan: Acoustic Guitar
    Chip Young: Autoharp, Percussion
    Aine O'Connell: Backing Vocals
    Bobby Whitlock: Backing Vocals, Organ
    Brendan Emmett: Backing Vocals
    Bela Fleck: Backing Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin
    Charlie McGettigan: Backing Vocals
    Declan McNelis: Backing Vocals
    Frank McAnena: Backing Vocals
    Jimmy Faulkner: Backing Vocals
    Jimmy Gibson: Backing Vocals
    John Cowan: Backing Vocals
    Jonell Mosser: Backing Vocals
    Maura O'Connell: Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals
    Maurice Lennon: Backing Vocals, Fiddle
    Mike Hanrahan: Backing Vocals
    P.J. Curtis: Backing Vocals, Percussion, Noises, Rhythm Guitar
    Patrick Collins: Backing Vocals,Fiddle
    Rachel Peer: Backing Vocals
    Kieran Hanrahan: Banjo
    Brian Cahan: Congas, Bongos, Percussion
    Jerry Douglas: Dobro
    Fran Breen: Drums
    Tony Newman: Drums
    Bob Moore: Electric Bass
    Chip Young: Electric Bass
    Declan McNelis: Electric Bass
    John Kearns: Electric Bass
    Philip Donnelly: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    Phil Naish: Piano, Keyboards
    Peter Browne: Pipe
    Jim Rooney: Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    Jay Patton: Tenor Saxophone

    Production Credits:

    P.J. Curtis: Producer


    Marco Giunco
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