Laura Nyro - Nested
    1. Mr. Blue (Song of Communications) (Laura Nyro) - 5:01
    2. Rhythm and Blues (Laura Nyro) - 2:57
    3. My Innocence (Laura Nyro) - 3:24
    4. Crazy Love (Laura Nyro) - 4:18
    5. American Dreamer (Laura Nyro) - 4:08
    6. Springblown (Laura Nyro) - 4:24
    7. The Sweet Sky (Laura Nyro) - 3:32
    8. Light (Laura Nyro) - 2:53
    9. Child in a Universe (Laura Nyro) - 4:09
    10. The Nest (Laura Nyro) - 2:27


    Laura Nyro: vocals, electric and acoustic piano, church organ, guitar, strings ensemble
    Will Lee: bass guitar
    Andy Newmark: drums
    Vinnie Cusano: guitar
    John Tropea: guitar
    Nydia "Liberty" Mata: percussion
    John Sebastian: harmonica
    Cyril Cianflone: bass guitar
    Tony Levin: bass guitar
    Felix Cavaliere: electric piano, organ

    Production Credits:

    Vic Anesini: Mastering
    Dale Ashby: Audio Engineer, Engineer, Mixing
    Pop Ashby: Engineer
    Adger Cowans: Photography
    Rosco Harring: Audio Production
    Roscoe Harring: Producer
    Frank Koenig: Engineer
    Laura Nyro: Producer, String Ensemble, Vocals
    Andy John Uryevick: Cover Designz


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words