Laura Nyro - Eli And The Thirteen Confession
    1. Luckie (Laura Nyro) - 3:00
    2. Lu (Laura Nyro) - 2:44
    3. Sweet Blindness (Laura Nyro) - 2:37
    4. Poverty Train (Laura Nyro) - 4:16
    5. Lonely Women (Laura Nyro) - 3:32
    6. Eli's Comin' (Laura Nyro) - 3:58
    7. Timer (Laura Nyro) - 3:22
    8. Stoned Soul Picnic (Laura Nyro) - 3:47
    9. Emmie (Laura Nyro) - 4:20
    10. Woman's Blues (Laura Nyro) - 3:46
    11. Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe) (Laura Nyro) - 2:58
    12. December's Boudoir (Laura Nyro) - 5:05
    13. The Confession (Laura Nyro) - 2:50


    Laura Nyro: piano, vocal, harmonies
    Ralph Casale: acoustic guitar
    Chet Amsterdam: acoustic guitar
    Hugh McCracken: electric guitar
    Chuck Rainey: bass
    Chet Amsterdam: bass
    Artie Schroeck: drums, vibes
    Buddy Saltzman: drums
    Dave Carey: percussion
    Bernie Glow: trumpet
    Pat Calello: trumpet
    Ernie Royal: trumpet
    George Young: saxophone
    Zoot Sims: saxophone
    Wayne Andre: trombone
    Jimmy Cleveland: trombone
    Ray DeSio: trombone
    Joe Farrell: saxophone, flute
    Paul Griffin: piano on "Eli's Comin'" and "Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe)"
    Charlie Calello: Arranged

    Production Credits:

    Roy Segal: Engineer
    Stan Tonkel: Engineer
    David L. Geffen: Other [Agent And Friend]
    Laura Nyro: Producer
    Charlie Calello: Producer


    Marco Giunco
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