Rab Noakes - Red Pump Special
    1. Pass The Time (Rab Noakes) - 3:09
    2. As Big As His Size (Rab Noakes) - 2:58
    3. Tomorrow Is Another Day (Rab Noakes) - 3:07
    4. The Sketcher And The Last Train (Rab Noakes) - 3:28
    5. Diamond Ring (Rab Noakes) - 3:44
    6. Branch (Rab Noakes) - 2:45
    7. Wrong Joke Again (Rab Noakes) - 4:12
    8. Sittin In A Corner Blues (Rab Noakes) - 2:52
    9. Clear Day (Gerry Rafferty, Joe Egan, Rab Noakes) (Rab Noakes) - 2:42
    10. Frisco Depot (Mickey Newbury) (Rab Noakes) - 3:49


    Kenny Buttrey: Drums
    Johnny Christopher: Guitar
    Tommy Cogbill: Bass
    Joe Egan: Vocals
    Jack Hale: Trombone
    John Harris: Keyboards
    Teddy Irwin: Guitar
    Ray Jackson: Harmonica
    Tommy Jackson: Harmonica
    Wayne Jackson: Trumpet
    Ed Logan: Saxophone
    Andrew Love: Horn
    James Mitchell: Saxophone
    Weldon Myrick: Guitar
    Rab Noakes: Guitar,Vocals
    Gerry Rafferty: Vocals
    Shel Talmy: Tambourine
    Reggie Young: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Elliot Mazer: Producer, Engineer


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words