Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Symphonion Dream
    1. Winter White (Wind Harp)" (Jimmie Fadden) - 1:17
    2. Raleigh-Durham Reel" (John McEuen, Jeff Hanna, James Ibbotson, Jimmie Fadden) - 3:31
    3. The Battle of New Orleans" (Jimmy Driftwood) - 3:55
    4. Bayou Jubilee" (Jeff Hanna) - 2:47
    5. Sally Was a Goodun" (John McEuen, Jeff Hanna, James Ibbotson, Jimmie Fadden) - 0:44
    6. Hey Good Lookin'" (Hank Williams) - 1:50
    7. Classical Banjo 1/Malaguena/Classical Banjo 2" (John McEuen, Ernesto Lecuona) - 3:27
    8. Daddy Was a Sailor" (Jimmie Fadden) - 2:54
    9. Sleeping on the Beach" (Jimmie Fadden) - 1:32
    10. "Santa Monica Pier" (John McEuen) - 2:50
    11. "Ripplin' Waters" (James Ibbotson) - 5:55
    12. "All I Have to Do is Dream" (Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant) - 3:51
    13. Mother of Love" (Ken Edwards) - 2:43
    14. "The Moon Just Turned Blue" (J.D. Souther) - 2:43
    15. Got To Travel On" (Paul Clayton, Larry Ehrlich, Dave Lazar) - 1:05
    16. Joshua Come Home" (James Ibbotson) - 3:32
    17. Solstice (Wind Harp)" (James Ibbotson) - 1:24
    18. Symphonion Montage" (James Ibbotson) - :54


    John McEuen: guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, steel guitar, vocals
    Jimmie Fadden: guitar, harmonica, drums, vocals
    Jeff Hanna: guitar, drums, vocals
    Jimmy Ibbotson: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals
    Les Thompson: bass, guitar, vocals
    Leon Russell: piano, keyboards, synthesizer, drums, chimes, gourd, vocals
    Linda Ronstadt: vocals
    Gary Busey: drums, timbales, bells, cowbell
    Paul Harris: piano
    Alice McEuen: background vocals
    Kae McEuen: background vocals
    Rae Hanna: background vocals
    Jim Ratts: background vocals
    Mary McCreary: background vocals
    Mary Stevens: background vocals

    Production Credits:

    William McEuen: Producer, Mixing
    Richie Cicero: Recording Engineer
    Michael Denecke: Recording Engineer
    Gary Mullen: Recording Engineer
    Baker Bigsby: Mixing
    John Tobler: Liner Notes


    Marco Giunco
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