Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Rare Junk
    1. Mournin' Blues (Tony Sbarbaro) - 3:24
    2. Collegiana (Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields) - 2:38
    3. Willie the Weeper (Grant Rymal, Walter Melrose, Marty Bloom) - 2:26
    4. Cornbread and 'Lasses (Sassafrass Tea) (Lloyd George, Roland Sullivan) - 2:31
    5. These Days (Jackson Browne) - 3:13
    6. Sadie Green The Vamp of New Orleans (Gilbert Wells, Johnny Dunn) - 2:25
    7. Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jibe (Dick McDonough) - 2:37
    8. End Of Your Line (Farrell) - 2:22
    9. Reason to Believe (Tim Hardin) - 2:54
    10. Hesitation Blues (Oh! Baby Must I Hesitate?) (Billy Smythe, Scott Middleton, Art Gillham) - 3:26
    11. A Number and a Name (Steve Gillette, Tom Campbell) -3:20


    Ralph Barr: electric guitar, clarinet, acoustic guitar
    John McEuen: piano, plectrum banjo, five string banjar
    Jeff Hanna: washboard, tambourine, drum, guitar, harmonica, electric guitar ...and other rare junk
    Jimmie Fadden: tube, jug, mouth harp, harmonica, washtub bass, drums
    Les Thompson: guitar, mandolin, electric bass, tambourine, plectrum banjo
    Chris Darrow: guitar, mandolin, violin, fiddle, electric bass, string bass
    Bernie Leadon: guitar on "Reason to Believe"
    Johnny "T.H.E.Duck" Sandlin: drums
    Paul "T.H.E.Berry" Hornsby: Piano
    Rodney Dillard: Dobro

    Production Credits:

    Dallas Smith: Producer
    Woody Woodward: Art Direction
    Wayne Kimbell: Illustration
    Dino Lappas: Engineer
    William E. McEuen: Management, Other [National Fan Club]
    George Rodriguez: Photograph


    Marco Giunco
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