Michael Nesmith - Infinite Riders On The Big Dogma
    1. Dance (dance And Have A Good Time) (Michael Nesmith) - 2:30
    2. Magic (this Night Is Magic) (Michael Nesmith) - 3:37
    3. Tonite (the Television Song) (Michael Nesmith) - 3:55
    4. Flying (silks & Satins) (Michael Nesmith) - 4:44
    5. Carioca (blue Carioca) (Michael Nesmith) - 4:05
    6. Cruisin'(lucy And Ramona And Sunset Sam) (Michael Nesmith) - 3:49
    7. Factions (the Daughter Of Rock 'N' Roll) (Michael Nesmith) - 3:22
    8. Light (the Elctric Light) (Michael Nesmith) - 3:18
    9. Horserace (beauty And The Magnum Force) (Michael Nesmith) - 3:22
    10. Capsule(hello People A Hundred Years Fro (Michael Nesmith, David Mackay, Al Perkins, John Hobbs, Paul Leim, Lenny Castro) - 5:15


    Paul Leim: Drums
    Lenny Castro: Percussion
    John Hobbs: Keyboards, Background Vocals
    David Mackay: Bass Guitar
    Al Perkins: Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar
    Michael Nesmith: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Background Vocals, Vocals
    Tom Saviano: Saxophone
    Joe Chemay: Background Vocals, Vocals

    Production Credits:

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