Michael Nesmith - From A Radio Engine To The Photon Wing
    1. Rio (Michael Nesmith) - 7:00
    2. Casablanca Moonlight (Michael Nesmith) - 6:37
    3. More Than We Imagine (Michael Nesmith) - 3:20
    4. Navajo Trail (Michael Nesmith) - 5:37
    5. We Are Awake (Michael Nesmith) - 4:51
    6. Wisdom Has Its Way (Michael Nesmith) - 5:10
    7. Love'S First Kiss (Michael Nesmith, Fred Myrow) - 3:52
    8. The Other Room (Michael Nesmith) - 4:20


    David Mackay: Bass Guitar
    Larrie Londin: Drums
    Jerry Carrigan: Drums
    David Brigs: Keyboards
    John Shane Keister: Keyboards
    Michael Nesmith: Guitars, Vocals
    Lonnie Mack: Guitars
    Lisa Silver: Violin
    Linda Hargrove: Background Vocals
    Marcia Routh: Background Vocals
    Pebble Daniel: Background Vocals
    Weldon Myrick: Steel Guitar, Dobro
    Greg Taylor: Harmonica

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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