Ted Neeley - 1974 A.d.
    1. Rock And Roll Spirits (Bob Strauss) - 3:18
    2. Another'S Lifetime (Wayne Berry) - 3:40
    3. Spin Away (Alan O'Day) - 3:11
    4. The Adventures Of A Boy Child Wonder (Neil Sedaka, Philip Cody) - 2:42
    5. Raimbow (John C. Allen, Barry A. Fasman) - 3:52
    6. You Put Something Better Inside Of Me (Joe Egan, Gerry Rafferty) - 3:00
    7. Look At Youy, Look At Me (Dave Mason, James Capaldi) - 3:47
    8. It'S Not The Spotlight (Gerry Goffin, Barry Goldberg) - 3:35
    9. You Are The Singer (Mike D'Abo) - 2:47
    10. Mother (John Lennon) - 4:52


    Michael Omartian: Keyboards, Marimbas, Gongs, Arp Synthesizer
    Jim Gordon: Drums, Percussion
    Mark Tulin: Bass Guitar
    Dean Parks: Electric Guitar
    Ben Benay: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    King Errison: Congas
    Barry Fasman: Piano
    Ted Neeley: Vocals
    Lew Mccreary: Bass Trombone
    Paul Hubinon: Trumpet
    Charles Findley: Trumpet
    Jackie Kelso: Tenor Saxophone
    Fred Selden: Alto Saxophone
    David Duke: French Horn
    Barbara Carlson: French Horn

    Production Credits:

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