Jimmy Nail - Take It Or Leave It
    1. That'S The Way Love Is (Whitfield, Strong)
    2. Airwaves (Mcananey)
    3. Walk Away (Jimmy Nail)
    4. Your Decision Today (Jimmy Nail, Mcananey)
    5. Ladies And Gentleman Of South Africa (Jimmy Nail)
    6. Rain Burns (Jimmy Nail)
    7. Further On (Jimmy Nail)
    8. One More Day (Jimmy Nail)
    9. Same Again (Jimmy Nail)
    10. Love Don'T Live Here Anymore (Myles Gregory)


    Neil Wilkinson: Drums
    Roger Taylor: Drums
    Felix Krish: Bass Guitar
    Jo Burt: Bass Guitar
    Geoff Whitehorn: Guitars
    Tim Renwick: Guitars
    Rick Parfitt: Guitars
    Alan Park: Keyboards
    Ian Lynn: Keyboards
    Richard Cottle: Keyboards
    Danny Schogger: Keyboards
    Trevor Brewis: Keyboards
    Derek Watkins: Brass
    John Barclay: Brass
    Jeff Daley: Brass
    Andrew Mackintosh: Brass
    James Talbot: Brass
    Linda Taylor: Background Vocals
    Tessa Niles: Background Vocals
    Sheila Parker: Background Vocals
    Sheryl Parker: Background Vocals
    Peter King: Background Vocals
    Paul Carmen: Background Vocals
    Jimmy Nail: Vocals

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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