Michael Murphey - Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir
    1. Cosmic Cowboy (part One) (Michael Murphey) - 3:54
    2. Alleys Of Austin (Michael Murphey) - 5:05
    3. South Canadian River Song (Michael Murphey, Gary P. Nunn) - 7:14
    4. Blessing In Disguise (Michael Murphey) - 3:43
    5. Temperature Train (Michael Murphey, Charles John Quarto) - 3:54
    6. Drunken Lady Of The Morning (Michael Murphey) - 4:22
    7. Prometheus Busted (Michael Murphey) - 3:40
    8. Honolulu (Michael Murphey) - 4:22
    9. Rolling Hills (Michael Murphey) - 4:25


    Michael Murphey: Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
    Gary P. Nunn: Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Background Vocals, Bass Guitar, Melodica
    Michael Mcgeary: Drums, Constant Rhythm
    Herb Steiner: Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar, Humor
    Robert "king Olaf" Livingston: Background Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Funky Energy
    Craig Hillis: Electric Guitar
    Willis Alan Ramsey: Background Vocals, Carrot Cake

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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