David Munyon - Code Name: Jumper
    1. Maybe Over The Border (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 4:20
    2. On The Other Side Of Harlem (David Munyon, S.p. Standley, Eric Moseley) - 5:10
    3. Beijing Dreams (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 5:29
    4. Everyday American Hero (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 4:49
    5. Stealer Of Hearts (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 4:06
    6. Earl'S Song (David Munyon, S.p. Standley, Sara Haithcock-givens) - 4:03
    7. East Of Paris (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 3:59
    8. Me And This Suitcase (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 3:47
    9. Just The Waters Rushing (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 3:56
    10. Lost One,this Is Lost Three,are You Too? (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 4:01
    11. Hey Benny (David Munyon, S.p. Standley) - 4:07


    Warren Haynes: Electric Guitar, Guitars
    Creig Krampf: Drums, Exceptional Drums, Drummer On Drums W/renger Vibe
    Dave Pomeroy: Fretless Bass, Bass Guitar, Fretless Visionary Bass, Special Forces Bass (fretless) 1 Ea.
    David Munyon: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, S.f.martin Shenandoah Guitar
    Anthony Crawford: Four String Gibson Guitar, Guitarron, Bg Vocal, Electric Guitar, Jack Clement'S Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    Dony Wynn: Drums, That Amazig Snare Drum And Drums W/drum-
    Matt Rollings: Keyboards, Electric Piano, Vibes
    Billy Joe Walker, Jr.: Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Gibson Guitar
    Paul Leim: Drums, Drum Whit Rhymes
    Leland Sklar: Bass Guitar
    Snaky Peete: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Al Perkins: Dobro
    Terry Macmillian: Percussion

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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