Maria Muldaur - Sweet And Slow
    1. Coming Breakfast For The One I Love (Henry Tobias, William Rose)
    2. Adam & Eve Had The Blues (Sippie Wallace)
    3. Blues For Hoagy (laid Back Blues) (George Clinton, Richard Reicheg)
    4. There'S Coming To Be The Devil To Pay (Billy Hueston, Bob Emmerich)
    5. Sweet And Clow (Harry Warren, Al Dubin)
    6. Brother, Seek & Ya Shall Find (Frank Crum, Robert G. Stewart)
    7. Oh, Papa (David Nichtern)
    8. Lover Man (oh Where Can You Be) (Jimmy Davis, Jimmy Sherman, Roger "ram" Ramirez)
    9. Gee Baby, Ain'T I Good To You (Don Redman, Andy Razit)
    10. Prelude To A Kiss (Duke Ellington, Irvin Gordon, Irvin Mills)


    Mac Rebennack (dr. John): Piano
    Jon Sholle: Guitars
    Michael Moore: Bass Guitar
    Richard Crooks: Drums
    Walter Booker: Bass Guitar
    Gary Bristol: Bass Guitar
    Kenny Baron: Piano
    Seldon Powell: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
    Bob Gurland: Voice Trumpet
    Ben Riley: Drums
    Maria Muldaur: Vocals

    Production Credits:

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