Moving Hearts - Dark End Of The Street
    1. Remember The Brave Ones (Barry Noore)
    2. Dark End Of The Street (Chips Mo Man, Dan Penn)
    3. All I Remember (Mick Hanly)
    4. Let Somebody Know (Declan Sinnott)
    5. What Will You Do About Me (Jesse Otis Farrow)
    6. Downtown (Davy Spillane)
    7. Allende (Don Lange)
    8. Half - Moon (Eoghan O'Neil)


    Mart Kelleghan: Drums
    Eoghan O'Neil: Fretless Bass, Bass Guitar, Autocabasa
    Declan Sinnott: Fender Electric Guitar, Lowden Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    Davy Spillane: Uillean Pipes, Low Whistle, Percussion Whistle
    Keith Donald: Yamaha Saxophone, Yamigisawa Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
    Christy Moore: Vocals, Bodhran
    Donal Lunny: Synthesizer, Nelson Solid Bouzouki, Roto Toms
    Norman Vesro: Chorus
    Cid Isaacson: Chorus
    John Dundford: Chorus
    Jimmy Hickey: Chorus
    Peter Clarke: Chorus
    Andrew Boland: Piano

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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