Mother Head - Make A Joyful Noise
    1. Stop The Train (Lonnie Castille, Toad Andrews, Robert Arthur) - 3:21
    2. What Are You Trying To Do (Naomi Neville) - 3:56
    3. I Need Your Love So Bad (Little Willie John) - 5:23
    4. Soul Of The Man (Oliver Sain) - 3:03
    5. Blues For The Road (Rev. Stallings, Toad Andrews) - 3:35
    6. You Win Again (Hank Williams) - 4:15
    7. Come On And See (Robert Arthur) - 3:12
    8. Then I'Ll Be Moving On (R.p. St.john,jr.) - 3:24
    9. I, The Fly (R.p. St.john,jr.) - 3:33
    10. I Wanna Be Your Mama Again (Douglas Sahm) - 3:30
    11. Wait, Wait, Wait (Naomi Neville) - 2:47


    Rev. Stallings: Vocals, Flute
    Joseph Arnold: Tenor Vocals
    Peter Drake: Steel Guitar
    Earthttes: Background Vocals
    Tracy Nelson: Vocals, Piano
    Earthmen: Background Vocals
    Pig Robbins: Organ
    Robert Arthur: Bass Guitar, Vocals
    John Gimble: Fiddle
    R.p. St.john,jr.: Harp, Vocals
    Clayborn Brother Cotton: Piano
    Shorty Lavender: Fiddle
    Jordanairs: Background Vocals
    Ben Keith: Dobro

    Production Credits:

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