Van Morrison - Irish Soul Live Al Roxy New York 1978

This is a compilation of other Bootlegs
The Bottom Line material has been released on a number of other Van boots, including
Gospels For the Ocean, Live From the Bottom Line in New York City 1978,
Moondance: Recorded Live in New York in 1978, King Biscuit Flower Hour:
Van Morrison Live at the Bottom Line and Van the Man.
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    1. Moondance (Van Morrison) - 4:41
    2. Wavelength (Van Morrison) - 6:07
    3. Into The Mystic (Van Morrison) - 4:59
    4. Checkin'It Out (Van Morrison) - 3:29
    5. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) - 3:48
    6. Kingdom Hall (Van Morrison) - 5:55
    7. Hungry For Your Love (Van Morrison) - 4:08
    8. Natalya (Van Morrison) - 4:14
    9. Wild Night (Van Morrison) - 7:40
    10. Caravan (Van Morrison) - 7:40


    Van Morrison: Vocals, Piano
    Peter Bardens: Keyboards
    Bobby Tench: Guitars
    Herbie Armstrong: Guitars
    Mickey Feat: Bass Guitar
    Peter Van Hooke: Bass Guitar
    Katie Kissoon: Vocals
    Linda Dillard: Vocals

    Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words