Van Morrison - Live At The Grand Opera House Belfast Live 11 E 12 Marzo 1983
    1. Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart (Van Morrison) - 1:05
    2. Introduction: Into The Mystic (Van Morrison)
    3. Dweller On The Threshold (Van Morrison, Hugh Murphy) - 3:32
    4. You Know What The'Re Writing About (Van Morrison) - 6:55
    5. It'S All In The Game (Gen Charles G. Dawes, Carl Sigman)
    6. She Gives Me Religion (Van Morrison) - 4:28
    7. Haunts Of Ancient Peace (Van Morrison) - 6:23
    8. Full Force Gale (Van Morrison) - 2:15
    9. Beautiful Vision (Van Morrison) - 3:30
    10. Vanlose Stairway (Van Morrison) - 5:21
    11. Rave On John Donne/rave Onpart Ii (Van Morrison) - 8:56
    12. Northern Muse (solid Ground) (Van Morrison) - 3:40
    13. Cleaning Windows (Van Morrison) - 4:08


    Van Morrison: Vocals, Piano, Guitars, Saxophone
    Pee Wee Ellis: Saxophone, Flute, Background Vocals
    Mark Isham: Synthesizer, Trumpet
    John Allair: Organ, Piano
    David Hayes: Bass Guitar
    Peter Van Hooke: Drums
    Tom Dolinger: Drums
    Chris Michie: Guitars
    Katie Kissoon: Background Vocals
    Bianca Thornton: Background Vocals
    Carol Kenyon: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Mick Glossop: Engineer
    Van Morrison: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words