Van Morrison - Enlightenment
    1. Real Real Gone (Van Morrison)
    2. Enlightenment (Van Morrison)
    3. So Quiet In Here (Van Morrison)
    4. Avalon Of The Heart (Van Morrison)
    5. See Me Through (Van Morrison)
    6. Youth Of 1.000 Summers (Van Morrison)
    7. In The Days Before Rock 'N' Roll (Van Morrison, Paul Durcan)
    8. Star All Over Again (Van Morrison)
    9. She's A Baby (Van Morrison)
    10. Memories (Van Morrison)


    Gavyn Wright: Strings
    Michael O'Suilleabhain: Piano
    George Fame: Organ, Electric Piano, Background Vocals
    Alex Gifford: Keyboards
    Steve Pearce: Bass Guitar
    Brian Odgers: Bass Guitar
    Dave Early: Drums
    Steve Sanger: Drums
    Bernie Holland: Lead Guitar
    Paul Durcan: Spoken
    The Ambrosian Singers: Chorus
    Frank Ricotti: Vibraphone
    Henry Lowther: Trumpet
    Steve Waterman: Fluegelhorn
    Steve Gregory: Saxophone
    Dave Bishop: Saxophone
    Malcom Griffiths: Trombone
    Van Morrison: Vocals
    John McCarthy: Choir Master
    Fiachra Trench: Vocal Arrangement, Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements

    Production Credits:

    Mick Glossop: Engineer
    Van Morrison: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words