Van Morrison - Avalon Sunset
    1. Whenever God Shines His Light (Van Morrison)
    2. Contacting My Angel (Van Morrison)
    3. I'd Love To Write Another Song (Van Morrison)
    4. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Van Morrison)
    5. Coney Island (Van Morrison)
    6. I'm Tired Joey Boy (Van Morrison)
    7. When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God? (Van Morrison)
    8. Orangefield (Van Morrison)
    9. Darin Night (Van Morrison)
    10. These Are The Days (Van Morrison)


    Van Morrison: Vocals, Guitars
    Gavin Wright: Strings
    Neil Drinkwater: Piano, Synthesizer, Accordion
    Arty Mcglynn: Guitars
    Roy Jones: Percussion, Drums
    Dave Early: Percussion, Drums
    Katie Kissoon: Background Vocals
    Carol Kenyon: Background Vocals
    Henry Lowther: Trumpet
    Cliff Hardie: Trombone
    Stan Sultzman: Alto Saxophone
    Alan Barnes: Baritone Saxophone
    Steve Pearce: Bass Guitar
    Cliff Richard: Vocals
    George Fame: Hammond Organ

    Production Credits:

    Van Morrison: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words