Van Morrison - Can You Feel The Silence Live In Essen, Germany Spring 1982
    1. Go To The Hide(High)-Place In Your Mind (Van Morrison)
    2. Into The Mystic (Van Morrison)
    3. Moondance (Van Morrison)
    4. Wavelenght (Van Morrison)
    5. Full Force Gale (Van Morrison)
    6. Bright Side Of The Road (Van Morrison)
    7. It'S All In The Game (Gen Charles G. Dawes, Carl Sigman)
    8. She Gives Me Religion (Van Morrison)
    9. Northern Muse (solid Ground) (Van Morrison)
    10. Vanlose Stairway (Van Morrison)
    11. Help Me (Williamson)
    12. When I Come Home (Kelvin, Russel)
    13. Celtic Ray (Van Morrison)
    14. Dweller On The Threshold (Van Morrison, Hugh Murphy)
    15. Satisfied (Van Morrison)
    16. Cleaning Windows (Van Morrison)
    17. Summertime In England (Van Morrison)
    18. Scandinavia (Van Morrison)


    Van Morrison: Lead Vocals
    Pee Wee Ellis: Sax, Vocals
    Chris Michie: Lead Guitar
    John Allair: Organ, Lead vocals
    Peter van Hooke: Drums 
    Tom Dollinger: Drums 
    Bianca Thornton: Backup vocals, Lead vocals
    Pauline Lozano: Backup vocals
    Annie Stocking: Backup vocals
    David Hayes: Bass
    Mark Isham: Trumpet & synthesizer
    Sean Fulsom: Pipes

    Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words