Christy Moore - Voyage
    1. Mystic Lipstick (Jimmy Mccarthy) - 3:59
    2. The Yoyage (Johnny Duhan) - 3:49
    3. The Mad Lady & Me (Jimmy Mccarthy) - 3:02
    4. The Deportees Club (Elvis Costello) - 4:26
    5. The Night Visit (Arr. By Christy Moore Traditional) - 3:20
    6. All For The Roses (Wally Page, Tony Boylan) - 3:56
    7. Missing You (Jimmy Mccarthy) - 3:45
    8. Bright Blue Rose (Jimmy Mccarthy) - 4:47
    9. Farewell To Pripchat (Tim Donnehy) - 4:34
    10. Musha God Help Her (Pierce Turner) - 3:56
    11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan Maccoll) - 4:15
    12. Middle Of The Island (Nigel Rolfe, Christy Moore) - 4:05


    Paul Moran: Drums
    Eoghan O'Neill: Bass Guitar
    Declan Sinnott: Spanish Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Twelve String Eletric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric 'Picking' Guitar, Electric Atmosphere
    Christy Moore: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Guitars
    Mandy Murphy: Background Vocals
    Donal Lunny: Bodhran, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Prophet Synth, Keyboards, Bells, Bouzouki, Mandolin
    Aislinn Drury-byrne: Cello
    Michael O'Suillebhain: Piano
    Pat Crowley: Piano, Accordion, Keyboards
    Mary Black: Background Vocals
    Tim Boland: Shaker
    Sinead O'Connor: Background Vocals, Vocals
    Don Baker: Harmonica
    Sheamus Shannon: Harmonica
    Steve Mcdonnell: Flugel Horn
    Elvis Costello: Background Vocals
    Paddy Maloney: Whistles, Uillean Pipes
    Liam O'Flynn: Uillean Pipes
    Jimmy Mccarthy: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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