Christy Moore - Ride On
    1. The City Of Chicago (Barry Moore)
    2. Ride On (Jimmy Mccarthy)
    3. Vive La Quinte Nrigada (Christy Moore)
    4. Song Of Wandering Aongus (W.b. Yeats)
    5. Mcilhatton (Bobby Sands)
    6. Lisfoonvarna (Christy Moore)
    7. Among The Wick Low Hills (Pearse Turner)
    8. Sonny'S Dream (Ron Hynes)
    9. The Dying Soldier (Ger Costello)
    10. El Salvador (Johnny Duhan)
    11. Back Home In Derry (Bobby Sands)
    12. The Least We Can Do (Gerry Murray)


    Christy Moore: Vocals, Guitars
    Donal Lunny: Prophet Synth, Danvel Electric Bouzouki, Andrew Robinson Bouzouki, Bouzouki, Guitars, Bodhran, Vocals
    Declan Sinnott: Lowden Acoustic Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Fender Guitar, Weston Guitar

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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