Joni Mitchell - Night Ride Home
    1. Night Ride Home (Joni Mitchell) - 3:21
    2. Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free) (Joni Mitchell) - 5:25
    3. Cherokee Louise (Joni Mitchell) - 4:32
    4. The Windfall (Everything For Nothing) (Joni Mitchell) - 5:15
    5. Slouching Thomas Bethlehem (W.b. Yeats, Joni Mitchell) - 6:54
    6. Come In From Cold (Joni Mitchell) - 7:31
    7. Nothing Can Be Done (Joni Mitchell, Larry Klein) - 4:53
    8. The Only Joy In Town (Joni Mitchell) - 5:11
    9. Ray'S Dad'S Cadillac (Joni Mitchell) - 4:33
    10. Two Grey Rooms (Joni Mitchell) - 3:57


    Joni Mitchell: Guitars, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Billatron, Oboe, Omnichord
    Larry Klain: Bass Guitar, Percussion, Guitars, Keyboards
    Bill Dillon: Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitars
    Alex Acuna: Percussion
    Wayne Shorter: Soprano Saxophone
    Karen Paris: Background Vocals
    Vinnie Colaiuta: Snare Drum, Drums
    David Baerwald: Vocals
    Brenda Russell: Background Vocals
    Michael Landau: Guitars
    Jeremy Lubbock: Arranger, Conductor, String Arrangements, Brass Arrangement

    Production Credits:

    Joni Mitchell: Producer,Art Direction, Photography
    Steve Churchyard: Engineer
    Richard Cottrell: Engineer
    Paula Garcia: Production Assistant, Assistant Engineer
    Jim Hill: Assistant Engineer
    Larry Klein: Producer
    Julie Last: Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Mixing
    Henry Lewy: Engineer
    Bob Ludwig: Mastering
    Dan Marnien: Engineer, Mixing
    Tony Phillips: Engineer
    Mike Shipley: Mixing
    Bob Vogt: Assistant Engineer
    Glen Christensen: Art Direction
    Kristen Connelly: Assistant Engineer

    Marco Giunco
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