Chad Mitchell - Virgo Moon
    1. Outbound Plane (Nanci Griffith, Tom Russell) - 3:07
    2. My Name Joe (David Massengill) - 5:36
    3. A Thousand Miles Away (Ken Whiteley) - 3:07
    4. This Missin' You Heart Of Mine (Woody Mullis, Mike Greiger) - 2:30
    5. Wild Plainmen'S Kind (J. Palmer, L. Weiser, W.chad Mitchell) - 3:26
    6. Vital Signs (David Mallet) - 3:19
    7. Clinging To The Wine (Roger Brown, Thom Mchugh) - 3:30
    8. Lost In A Memory Of You (David Mallet) - 3:13
    9. Good Times (David Mallet) - 2:58
    10. Nobody Ever Gets Killed In Our House (Charlie King) - 3:34


    Al Cross: Drums
    John Switzer: Bass Guitar
    John Sheard: Keyboards, Background Vocals
    Rick Whitelaw: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    Steve Smith: Pedal Steel Guitar
    John P. Allen: Fiddle, Mandolin
    Kathryn Moses: Saxophone, Flute
    Chris Whiteley: Harmonica
    Shirley Eikhard: Background Vocals
    Cherie Camp: Background Vocals
    John Lowrey: Background Vocals
    Dennis Pendrith: Bass Guitar
    Ken Whiteley: Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
    Matthew Fleming: Congas, Percussion
    Evelyn Datl: Acoustic Piano
    Genevieve Miller: Fiddle
    Sherry Shute: Rhythm Guitar
    Louise Horton: Background Vocals
    Karen Kane: Percussion
    Chad Mitchell: Vocals

    Production Credits:

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