Richard Meyer - The Good Life
    1. One Rose (Richard Meyer)
    2. New Dirt Road (Richard Meyer)
    3. Je Ne Sais Pas (Richard Meyer)
    4. The Burden (Richard Meyer)
    5. The Empress Of Clowns (Richard Meyer, Normi Noel)
    6. A L,one Wolf (Richard Meyer)
    7. The Good Life (Richard Meyer)
    8. Cares To The Wind (Richard Meyer)
    9. A Burning Leaf (Richard Meyer)
    10. The Black Swan (Richard Meyer)
    11. Uneasy Nights (Richard Meyer)
    12. Here (Richard Meyer)


    Richard Meyer: Vocals, Autoharp, Tambourine, Music Stand, Vocals, Rainstick, Twelve String Acoustic Guitar, Finger Cymbals
    Mark Dann: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Fretless Bass, Tambourine, String Bass, Fretless Guitar
    Howie Wyeth: Drums, Toms
    Rex Fowler: Vocals
    Rex Benincasa: Tom Toms, Tablas, Waterphone
    Andrew Hardin: Electric Guitar, Tiple, High String Guitar
    Lucy Kaplansky: Vocals, Siren Song
    Akiwa Wharton: Music Stand, Cymbal, Frying Pan, Cowbell, Maracas, Hand Percussion, Kabasa, Percussion
    Judith Zweiman: Vocals, Rippling Background Acoustic, Neo Celtic Electric Lead, Percussive Atmospheric Acoustoc Guitar
    Brian Mitchell: Accordion
    Lisa Gutkin: Violin, Detuned Viola, Vocals
    Jack Bashkow: Baritone Saxophone
    Craig Lege: Piano, Stride Piano
    Tiger Williams: Vocals
    Greg Anderson: Lute
    Margo Hennebach: High Piano
    Josh Joffen: Vocals
    Jerome Fox: Guitars
    Barry Mitterhoff: Mandolin

    Production Credits:

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