James Mcmurtry - Too Long In The Westland
    1. Painting By Numbers (James Mcmurtry) - 4:47
    2. Terry (James Mcmurtry) - 3:31
    3. Shining Eyes (James Mcmurtry) - 4:09
    4. Outskirts (James Mcmurtry) - 4:07
    5. Song For A Deck Hand'S Daughter (James Mcmurtry) - 3:30
    6. I'M Not From Here (James Mcmurtry) - 4:10
    7. Too Long In The Westland (James Mcmurtry) - 4:00
    8. Crazy Wind (James Mcmurtry) - 4:09
    9. Poor Lost Soul (James Mcmurtry) - 3:26
    10. Angeline (James Mcmurtry) - 4:04
    11. Talkin' At The Texaco (James Mcmurtry) - 4:10


    James Mcmurtry: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
    David Grissom: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, National Steel Guitar, Background Vocals
    David Pomeroy: Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
    Kenny Aronoff: Drums, Percussion
    Jerry Deupree: Drums, Percussion
    Larry Crane: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
    Michael Wanchic: Electric Guitar, Dobro, Keyboards, Background Vocals
    John Casella: Keyboards
    Ashly Cleveland: Background Vocals
    Toby Myers: Background Vocals
    Mimi Mapes: Background Vocals
    Rick Fetting: Clarinet, Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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