Murray Mclauchlan - Into A Mistery
    1. The Love That I Feel For You (Murray Mclauchlan) - 3:28
    2. Try Walkin' Away (Murray Mclauchlan) - 3:57
    3. Rockin'On The Sea (Murray Mclauchlan) - 3:46
    4. Ship In The Night (Murray Mclauchlan) - 3:12
    5. A Thousand Miles Behind (Murray Mclauchlan) - 3:52
    6. Into A Mystery (Murray Mclauchlan) - 3:42
    7. You Don'T Have To Do It (Murray Mclauchlan) - 2:53
    8. Don'T Sleep By The Light Of The Moon (Murray Mclauchlan) - 2:51
    9. Don'T Put Your Faith In Men (Murray Mclauchlan) - 2:50
    10. Honey Come Home (Murray Mclauchlan) - 3:12


    Murray Mclauchlan: Guitars, Piano, Harmonica, Organ, Vocals
    Dennis Pendrith: Bass Guitar
    Barry Keane: Drums, Percussion
    Ron Dann: Steel Guitar
    Eric Robertson: Piano, Organ
    Peter Follet: Electric Guitar
    Eugene Martynec: Electric Guitar
    Jack Zaza: Saxophone
    Shawn Jackson: Background Vocals
    Colina Phillips: Background Vocals
    Sharon Lee Williams: Background Vocals
    Carol Pope: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

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