Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle - Love Over And Over
    1. More Over Moon (Kate Mcgrarrigle) - 3:07
    2. Sun, Son (shining On The Water) (Anna Mcgarrigle) - 4:02
    3. I Cried For Us (Kate Mcgrarrigle) - 3:20
    4. Love Over And Over (Kate Mcgarrigle, Anna Mcgarrigle) - 4:06
    5. Star Cab Company (Anna Mcgarrigle) - 3:20
    6. Tu Vas M'Accompagner (Bob Seger, Translation Anna Mcgarrigle) - 3:49
    7. On My Way To Town (Kate Mcgrarrigle) - 2:14
    8. Jesus Lifeline (Anna Mcgarrigle) - 2:55
    9. The Work Song (Kate Mcgarrigle) - 3:46
    10. St.valentine'S Day 1978 (Anna Mcgarrigle) - 3:16
    11. Midnight Flight (Kate Mcgarrigle) - 5:40


    Gerry Conway: Drums, Percussion
    Pat Donaldson: Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
    Kate Mcgrarrigle: Piano, Vocals, Background Vocals, Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Hums
    Andrew Cowan: Electric Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar
    Alun Davies: Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
    Jane Mcgarrigle: Background Vocals, Piano
    Chaim Tannenbaum: Background Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica, Banjo, Saxophone
    Anna Mcgarrigle: Background Vocals, Piano, Vocals, Accordion, Hums
    Paul Samwell-smith: Background Vocals
    Kenny Pearson: Electric Piano, Organ, Tack Piano
    Scot Lang: High String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    Mark Knopfler: Electric Guitar
    Gilles Losier: Fiddle
    Dane Lanken: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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