Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle - Pronto Monto
    1. Oh My Heart (Anna Mcgarricle, Dane Lanken) - 3:07
    2. Side Of Fries (Kate Mcgarricle, Philippe Tartartcheff) - 3:22
    3. Just Another Broken Heart (David Nichtern) - 3:33
    4. Na Cl (Kate Mcgarricle) - 2:30
    5. Pronto Monto (Kate Mcgarricle, Anna Mcgarricle, Philippe Tartartcheff) - 2:51
    6. Stella By Artois (Kate Mcgarricle) - 3:53
    7. Bundle Of Sorrow, Bundle Of Joy (Anna Mcgarricle) - 4:04
    8. Come Back Baby (Kate Mcgarricle) - 3:18
    9. Tryin' To Het To You (Charlie Singleton, Rose Mccoy) - 2:39
    10. Fixture In The Park (Anna Mcgarricle) - 3:37
    11. Dead Weight (Anna Mcgarricle) - 2:27
    12. Cover Up My Head (Galt Macdermot, William William Dumaresq) - 2:53


    Anna Mcgarrigle: Vocals, Piano, Squeeze Boxes
    Kate Mcgarrigle: Vocals, Squeeze Boxes, Piano, Organ
    Stephen Gadd: Drums
    Tony Levin: Bass Guitar
    David Spinozza: Electric Guitar
    Jeff Mironov: Electric Guitar
    Kenny "disco Stu" Pearson: Organ, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes Piano
    George Deven: Marimbas, Percussion
    Susan Evans: Percussion
    Bernard Purdie: Percussion
    Gordon Edwards: Bass Guitar
    Jon Sholle: Electric Slide Guitar, F-hole Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    David Nichtern: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    David Woodford: Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
    "kenny" Kosek: Fiddle
    Gary Mallaber: Drums
    Pat Donaldson: Bass Guitar
    Jerry Donahue: Electric Guitar
    Grady Tate: Drums
    Michael Moore: Upright Bass
    Freebo: Tuba, Bass Guitar
    Gary Mure: Drums
    Scot Lang: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    Chaim Tannenbaum: Mandolin, Harmonica
    George Young: Clarinet
    Bob Glaub: Bass Guitar
    Victor Feldman: Percussion
    Bryan Cumming: Tenor Saxophone
    Richard Resnicoff: Electric Guitar

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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