C.w. Mccall & Co. - C.w.mccall &co
    1. Outlaws And Lone Star Beer (Bob Duncan, John Durrill) - 1:52
    2. Wheels Of Fortune (Terry Skinner, J.l. Wallace) - 2:25
    3. City Of New Orleans (Steve Goodman) - 4:05
    4. The Little Things In Life (Bill Fries, Chip Davis) - 2:37
    5. The Cowboy (Ron Agnew) - 2:47
    6. Milton (Ron Agnew) - 4:00
    7. Flowers On The Wall (Lewis Dewitt) - 2:17
    8. Silver Cloud Breaksown (Bill Fries, Chip Davis) - 2:34
    9. I Wish There Was More That I Could Give (Walt Meskell, Tim Martin) - 3:29
    10. Hobo'S Lullaby (Goebel Reeves) - 2:56


    Chip Davis: Drums, Vocals
    Jackson Berkey: Keyboards, Vocals
    Eric Hansen: Bass Guitar
    Ron Agnew: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    Walt Meskell: Acoustic Guitar, National Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
    Steve Hanson: Banjo
    Ron Cooley: Acoustic Guitar, Twelve String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    Stu Basore: Steel Guitar
    Steve Shipps: Strings
    Sue Robinson: Strings
    David Low: Strings
    Dorothy Brown: Strings
    Hugh Brown: Strings
    Miriam Duffelmeyer: Strings
    Lucinda Gladics: Strings
    James Hammond: Strings
    Joe Landes: Strings
    Beth Mccollum: Strings
    Merton Shatzkin: Strings
    Alex Sokol: Strings
    Gary Morris: Vocals
    Sarah Wesphalen: Vocals
    Ruth Horn: Vocals
    Milton E. Bailey Iii: Vocals
    Esq: Vocals

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