Mark-almond - Other People Rooms
    1. The City (Jon Mark) - 6:10
    2. Girl On Table 4 (Jon Mark) - 5:02
    3. You Look Just Like A Girl Again (Danny O'Keefe) - 5:00
    4. Other Peoples Rooms (Jon Mark) - 3:52
    5. Lonely People (Jon Mark) - 6:10
    6. Just A Friend (Jon Mark) - 4:12
    7. Then I Have You (Jon Mark) - 2:34
    8. Vivaldi'S Song (Michael Franks) - 5:33


    Jon Mark: Vocals, Classic Guitar, Twelve String Acoustic Guitar
    Johnny Almond: Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute
    John Tropea: Electric Guitar, Classic Guitar
    Leon Pendarvis: Fender Rhodes Piano, Concert Piano
    Will Lee: Bass Guitar
    Steve Gadd: Drums
    Ralph Macdonald: Percussion
    Larry Williams: Synthesizer
    Jerry Hey: Fluegelhorn

    Production Credits:

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