Grateful Dead - Jamaica Crazy Finger * Palais De Deine * 1974
    1. Sugaree (Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, Billy Kreutzmann)
    2. New Inglewood Blues (Arr. By Grateful Dead Traditional)
    3. The Loser ()
    4. Women Are Smarter ()
    5. Arthea ()
    6. Let It Grow ()
    7. Samson And Deliah (Arr. By Grateful Dead Traditional)
    8. Scarlet Begonias (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter)
    9. Fire On The Mountains (Mickey Hart, Robert Hunter)


    Jerry Garcia: Vocals, Guitars
    Bob Weir: Vocals, Guitars
    Phil Lesh: Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
    Mickey Hart: Drums

    Production Credits:

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