Jackie Lomax - Home Is In My Mind
    1. Give All You'Ve Got (Jackie Lomax) - 3:55
    2. A Hundred Mountains (Jackie Lomax) - 3:25
    3. Whne I Miss You The Most (Jackie Lomax) - 3:02
    4. Or So It Seems (Jackie Lomax) - 2:47
    5. Home Is In My Head (Jackie Lomax) - 4:46
    6. Nothin' Ever Seems To Go My Way (Jackie Lomax) - 3:27
    7. Shee Took Me Higher (Jackie Lomax) - 3:46
    8. Don'T Do Me No Harm (Jackie Lomax) - 3:06
    9. Higher Ground (Jackie Lomax) - 4:05
    10. Helluva Woman (Jackie Lomax) - 3:12
    11. Turning Around (Jackie Lomax) - 3:56
    12. You Within Me (Jackie Lomax) - 3:39


    Jackie Lomax: Vocals
    Israel Zacuto: Lead Guitar
    Rickie Redstreak: Rhythm Guitar
    Bugs Pemberton: Drums
    Frank Furter: Slide Guitar, Guitars
    Tommy Caccetta: Bass Guitar
    Eddie Brigati: Background Vocals
    David Brigati: Background Vocals
    Paul Griffin: Piano
    Seldon Powell: Tenor Saxophone
    Linda November: Background Vocals
    Helene W. Miles: Background Vocals
    Maeretha A. Stewart: Background Vocals
    Flushing High School Choir: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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