Dennis Linde - Under The Eye
    1. Down To The Station (Dennis Linde) - 3:06
    2. There Goes My Heart Again (Dennis Linde, Alan Rush, Randy Cullers) - 3:16
    3. The Good Ship Rock And Roll (Dennis Linde) - 3:52
    4. Funky Hoe-down (Dennis Linde, Thomas Cain) - 3:36
    5. Ghost Riders (Stan Jones) - 4:30
    6. Strange Groove (Dennis Linde) - 4:13
    7. Under The Eye (Dennis Linde, Randy Cullers) - 4:56
    8. Lookin'At Ruby (Dennis Linde) - 3:15
    9. In The Music (Dennis Linde, Billy Swan) - 3:00
    10. By Day By Day (Dennis Linde) - 2:25


    Randy Cullers: Drums, Maracas, 1 Kc Foot Drum
    Dennis Linde: Vocals, Buchla Bass Synthesizer, Guitars, Percussion, Rhythm Guitar, Effects, Organ
    Alan Rush: Bass Guitar, Riff Guitar, Lead Guitar, Effects
    Bobby Emmons: Piano
    Bobby Thompson: Banjo
    Shane Keister: Clavinet, Moog Synthesizer
    Buddy Spicher: Fiddle
    Jerry Carrigan: Drums
    Thomas Cain: Piano
    Mac Gayden: Lead Guitar
    The Holladays: Background Vocals
    Bobby Ogdin: Buchla Bass Synthesizer
    Dr.john Harris: Piano

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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