Bill Labounty - Rain In My Life
    1. Dancin' Tonight (Bill Labounty, Michael Johnson) - 4:40
    2. Trail To Your Heart(sailing Without A Sa (Bill Labounty, Roy Freeland) - 3:17
    3. Isn'T It A Cry (Bill Labounty, Ron Culbertson) - 3:57
    4. Drops Of Water (Bill Labounty, Roy Freeland) - 4:31
    5. I'M Hurtin (Bill Labounty, Michael Johnson) - 3:37
    6. Sometimes Love Songs Make Me Cry (Bill Labounty, Milo Adamo, Roy Senter) - 4:22
    7. What About You (Bill Labounty, Roy Freeland) - 3:50
    8. Clapi Me In Irons (Randy Goodrum) - 4:25
    9. To Hear The Band (Bill Labounty) - 3:09
    10. Little Rivers (Bill Labounty) - 3:52


    Jack White: Drums, Percussion
    David Jackson: Bass Guitar
    Ron Culbertson: Guitars
    Randy Hart: Electric Piano, Background Vocals, Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards
    Bill Labounty: Vocals, Piano, Background Vocals, Kazoo, Electric Piano
    Mike Harvey: Percussion
    Oliver Brown: Percussion
    Jim Gordon: Saxophone
    Tommy Morgan: Harmonica
    Reggie Mcbride: Bass Guitar
    Roy Yeager: Drums
    Shane Keister: Synthesizer, Piano
    Marcy Levy: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

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