Fred Koller - Night Of The Living Fred
    1. I Know How The Dinousaurs Felt (Fred Koller, C.d. Dalley)
    2. Jennifer Johnson And Me (Fred Koller, Shel Silverstein)
    3. Roundin' Third And Heading Home (Fred Koller, Walter Carter)
    4. All You Ever Wrote (Fred Koller, Denise Stiff)
    5. Juanita (Fred Koller, Shel Silverstein)
    6. The White Bread Blues (Fred Koller, Gary Nicholson)
    7. The Coast Is Clear (Fred Koller)
    8. Shop Shop (Fred Koller, John Haddley)
    9. Doublewide Trailer (Fred Koller, Keith Whitley)
    10. This Dream On Me (Fred Koller)
    11. Goodnight Little Houseplant (Fred Koller, Shel Silverstein)


    Fred Koller: Guitars, Dobro, Vocals
    Bruce Sweetman: Violin, Viola, Trumpet, Vocals
    Dave Pomeroy: Bass Guitar
    Brant Miller: Harmonica
    Pat Alger: Guitars, Mandolin
    Bonnie Gallie: Background Vocals
    Ashley Cleveland: Background Vocals
    Walter Carter: Vocals

    Production Credits:

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