Norman Kennedy - Ballad And Songs Of Scotland
    1. Night Visiting Song (Traditional)
    2. Sixteen Come Sunday (Traditional)
    3. A Student Boy Cam' Courting Me (Traditional)
    4. A Beggarman Cam' O'Er Yon Lea (Traditional)
    5. The Fause Knight Upon The Road (Traditional)
    6. Mouth Music (Traditional)
    7. My Highland Soldier (Traditional)
    8. Johnny,my Man,dae Ye Nae Think O'Rising? (Traditional)
    9. Oh, Hae Ye Heard O'The Merchant'S Son? (Traditional)
    10. Corachree (Traditional)
    11. I'M A Forester In The Wood (Traditional)
    12. I'Ll Lay Ye Down,love,i'Ll Treat Ye Dece (Traditional)
    13. There Was A Jolly Beggarman (Traditional)
    14. Kishmul'S Galley (Traditional)
    15. Guise O' Tough (Traditional)
    16. (the Hash O') Drumdelgie (Traditional)


    Norman Kennedy: Vocals, Guitars

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