Jerry-kelly - Somebody Else'S Dream
    1. Changes (Jerry Hludzik, Bill Kelly) - 4:28
    2. You Can Be (Jerry Hludzik) - 4:28
    3. Be My Love (Bill Kelly) - 3:03
    4. Runaway (D. Shannon, M. Crook) - 4:15
    5. Somebody Else'S Dream (Jerry Hludzik) - 3:53
    6. Settle Down (Bill Kelly) - 3:57
    7. Magic (Jerry Hludzik, Bill Kelly) - 3:30
    8. Silly Boy (Jerry Hludzik) - 3:49
    9. Dear Love (Jerry Hludzik, Bill Kelly) - 4:07
    10. Motel Lovers (Jerry Hludzik, Bill Kelly) - 4:51


    Bill Kelly: Vocals, Guitars, Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
    Jerry Hudlizk: Background Vocals, Guitars, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
    Peter Cetera: Background Vocals, Bass Guitar
    Lee Loughname: Background Vocals
    Earl Slick: Guitars
    Don Grusin: Piano, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer
    Bill Dickinson: Bass Guitar
    Tom Donlinger: Drums
    Hawk: Synthesizer
    Me: Percussion
    Deni King: Percussion
    Cosmo Carboni: Drums
    Byron Berline: Mandolin
    Laudir Deoliveira: Percussion, Congas
    Ian Underwood: Synthesizer, Oberhewim String Synthesizer
    David Amaro: Classic Guitar, Guitars

    Production Credits:

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