Michael Kamen - New York Rock
    1. Everything That Touches You (Michael Kamen) - 3:37
    2. Hot As The Sun (Michael Kamen, Shawn Phillips) - 4:30
    3. Carry Me Up (Michael Kamen) - 3:35
    4. All My Trials (Arr. By Michael Kamen Traditional) - 4:25
    5. I Love You Too (Michael Kamen) - 2:22
    6. Anthem For A Court Jester (Michael Kamen) - 1:22
    7. Indian Summer (Michael Kamen, Marty Fulterman, Shawn Phillips) - 4:22
    8. Cristophene (Michael Kamen) - 1:39
    9. Winter Child (Michael Kamen, J.S.Bach) - 2:20
    10. 1984 (Michael Kamen) - 2:45
    11. Credit Card (Michael Kamen) - 3:45
    12. I Love You (Michael Kamen) - 1:10


    Michael Kamen: Vocals, Keyboards, Oboe, English Horn, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Arp Synthesizer
    Dorian Rudnytsky: Bass Guitar, Cello
    Hank De Vito: Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitars, Dobro, Bass Guitar
    Dennis Whitted: Drums, Congas, Toys
    Larry Packer: Lead Guitar, Violin
    Dave Sanborn: Alto Saxophone
    Dave Woodford: Tenor Saxophone
    Paul Fried: Flute
    Paul Kamen: Drums
    Daniel Elfassy "jones": Drums
    Connie Devanney: Background Vocals
    Sandra Lee: Background Vocals
    Sharon Brown: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Michael Kamen: Producer
    Adrian Barber: Producer, Recording, Mixer
    Gunther Weil: Executive Producer
    Caryn Weinstock: Recording, Mixer
    Dennis King: Mastered
    Joe Eula: Front Cover
    Jon Kamen: Photo
    Tony Berkman: Photo

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words