John James - In Concert One Hour Of Music
    1. Picture Rags (John James)
    2. Opus 18 (David Qualey, John James)
    3. Silver Swan (Scott Tom Van Bergeyk Joplin)
    4. Suitcase Shaped Like That (John James)
    5. Black And White Rag (Botsford)
    6. Roseboud March (Scott John James Joplin)
    7. How Can I Tell You (Peter Berryman)
    8. Pickles And Peppers (A. John James Shepard)
    9. Ragtime Millionaire (Arr. By John James Traditional)
    10. Head In The Clouds (John James)
    11. Coconut Dance (Arr. By Tom Van Bergeyk Traditional)
    12. Victory Rag (Arr. By John James Traditional)
    13. One Long Happy Night (John James)
    14. You And I Across The Water (John James)
    15. B Minor Run (John James)
    16. Tears (Django Reinhardt)
    17. Something There (Arr. By John James Traditional)


    John James: Acoustic Guitar

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