Grateful Dead - Night Of The Living Dead 1235 Rec 6-4-1969,4 Ouutake 69,67 Unkn.
    1. Beat It Down The Line ()
    2. It'S All Over Now (Bobby Womack, Shilrley Womack)
    3. Viola Lee Blues ()
    4. Cosmic Charlie ()
    5. Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl ()
    6. Sugaree (Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, Billy Kreutzmann)
    7. Looks Like Rain (Alzo????? Fronte?????)


    Jerry Garcia: Guitars, Vocals
    Ron "pigpen" Mckernan: Keyboards, Vocals
    Bob Weir: Guitars, Vocals
    Phil Lesh: Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
    Mickey Hart: Drums
    Tom Costanten: Keyboards

    Production Credits:

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