Grateful Dead - A Swell Dance Concert New Years Dead
    1. Bertha ()
    2. Promised Land (????) (Chuck Barry)
    3. Cold Rain And Snow ()
    4. Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon)
    5. When Push Comes To Shove (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter)
    6. When I Paint My Masterpiece ()
    7. Bird Song (Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia)
    8. The Music Never Stopped ()
    9. Lady With A Fan ()
    10. Terrapin Station (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter, Mickey Hart, Billy Kreutzmann)
    11. Space (Phil Lesh, Brent Mydland, Billy Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart)
    12. The Other One (Bob Weir, Billy Kreutzmann)
    13. Hell In A Bucket (Bob Weir, Hohn Barlow, Brent Mydland)
    14. Wharf Rat (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter)
    15. Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)


    Jerry Garcia: Guitars, Vocals
    Phil Lesh: Bass Guitar
    Bob Weir: Guitars, Vocals
    Mickey Hart: Drums
    Bill Kreutzmann: Drums

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